Busy couple of months

Delays Delays Delays. But hey. I got selected for a developer scholarship from Google and Udacity for their Grow With Google Android Development program. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time being engrossed in learning Android app development. If I finish the first phase in the top 10% then I can continue with a scholarship for the second phase of their Android Basics Nanodegree which is my goal since otherwise the training is quite expensive.

Regardless of the delays I have finally had a proper start on my cyberpunk novel which included my first Twitch writing live stream in the early AM hours this morning.

You can replay my first live stream on Twitch. Things are still a bit rough but I felt it went decently for starting at like 3am. I had intended on starting at midnight but I spent extra time sprucing up my twitch channel before I actually started the live stream. Made a couple of quick graphic text bars so the page didn’t look like a wall of text. Added some links and such to my social media and Patreon page.

This first novel is a labor of love first and foremost. It’s unfinished business since I originally started writing it back in 1994 and never finished it. So I have restarted from scratch and have had to re-imagine the story to account for advances in technology during the 20+ years which has passed. Re-reading my old work made me groan inwardly about much of what I never predicted. I started the Patreon campaign in the event that people like what they read and want to show their support for this free novel project.

That’s it for now. I will sit down and work out a streaming schedule so that it can be a bit more predictable and time friendly for those who don’t live a night owl/vampire lifestyle.


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