Slower progress but still progress

I have slowed down a little with my writing. As some may or may not know back in January, I was one of 15000 people chosen for the Grow with Google Developer Scholarship for Android Development. I’m on the Basic track as this is my first foray into android app development. This is a partial scholarship to finish the first portion of Udacity’s Android Basics Nanodegree by Google. We were given three months to complete the first portion and after that the top 10% in the class will receive the other half of the scholarship to finish off their Nanodegree.

So right now we’re two months in and I’ve been busy making sure to get all of my projects done in time and polished enough to stand out in the top 10% so I can continue and complete the nanodegree. If you visit the nanodegree link I included above you’ll see how pricey it can be on a per month basis since it’s a four month course.

I will do my best to make time in the evenings for more writing session live streams on Twitch this week, however this past week and a half has been all about getting my course work completed so I have enough time to polish my projects before the deadline of April 11th.

As far as progress with chapter one of Data Storm, things have been going nicely. My last stream was a two hour session mostly focused on fleshing out some of the background details that are not necessarily in the book per se but in order to ensure continuity of people, corporations and overall facts about my story’s setting, having something written down to reference while you write is always a smart choice to go with.

I will try and compile all of my notes to date and post them up as samples of what only my patrons will have access to once I moved onto chapter four.

Also, Camp Nanowrimo will be coming up in April. If anyone remembers, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month which happens every November. They also have a number of Camp Nanowrimo’s sessions happening in April and July which you can do the 30 day 30000 word challenge or also work on revisions of your Nanowrimo work, specifying a goal of how many hours you plan on working on it.

I am considering writing a short story which delves into the background of my main protagonist, possibly as a prologue to my story. It might need to be its own short story as 50000 words is quite a wordy prologue however I might use excerpts from it to use as a prologue. We’ll see how it goes.

If you have an interest in writing, I highly recommend joining me at Camp Nanowrimo. Sign ups are right now and you will have half a month to prepare for writing something. It’s also absolutely free I am hoping to meet my goal of 50000 words this time so that I can get 50% off the purchase price of Scrivener which looks like a really nice writing tool that helps you organize all of your notes and writing all in one application.

Also I will spend some time finishing development of my website so that I can drop using wordpress here and start posting on there. It will also give me a place to upload and distribute files which I can’t do with a free wordpress account here. First and foremost I will need to pick up a SSL certificate for the domain since many browsers now display unencrypted webpages and insecure and basically won’t let you load them without a large warning on your screen. Fortunately I know where I can acquire a basic unverified one for free. That just means that they haven’t verified who actually owns that domain, but the pages are still secure. I will put that high on my list of things to do this week so I can at least get that going so people can visit the pages unhindered by security warnings.

I will try and post here more often this week as I tick things off my todo list.


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