Why no face cam when you live stream?

I just started live streaming and lack a webcam with adequate resolution. Nobody likes looking pixelated. For the time being I will use my animated avatar typing away in one corner of the screen as a placeholder until I get a better quality webcam.

You don’t seem to talk very much during your live stream.

I am trying to get better at that. I get easily absorbed in the task at hand and will forget to speak more often but I will work at being better about that. Also the mic on my headset seems to be oversensitive since I moved to Windows 10 and the noise cancellation doesn’t work very well. I’ve had to tweak the audio a lot in OBS so I keep it on push-to-talk for the time being.

What software/hardware are you using?

I am broadcasting with OBS for its audio filtering features to sort some of my oversensitive mic issues, otherwise I’m keenly interested in using Xsplit.

I am currently writing my novel with Sublime Text 3 to type out my chapters and notes. At some point I would like to move into using Scrivener mostly for it’s organization features but I come from a coding background and have been using Sublime Text for all my text editing needs up to this point.

My mindmapping software is Simplemind. It has both an android and desktop client which you can use google drive to syncronize your data between devices.

My PC turned 10 this year, although I purchased it online refurbished 6 years ago. Its a Dell Precision Series PC with a Core Duo processor and 8 gigs of RAM. It must of been great in 2008 for being part of the Precision Series. It has a Nvidia GTX-650 GPU which is well enough to let me play Fallout 4 and Fortnite on medium to low graphic settings

I will add more things to this FAQ if there are other things people are curious about.